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First Responders: Helpful Qualities for Introducing People to Jesus

First Responders: Helpful Qualities for Introducing People to Jesus

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First Responders: Helpful Qualities for Introducing People to JesusNovember 6, 2016

When we have a great need, we expect to have qualified people come to our aid. Whether it be a medical issue that requires an EMT or paramedic, a law that needs to be enforced by a police officer, or a fire that needs to be extinguished by a fire fighter; we count on first responders to show up and save the day. As Christians, we are all considered first responders to a world in need of the Gospel. Jesus sends us to those in need of assistance, to those in need of grace, to those in need of community. And to be effective in responding with the Good News of God’s love, there are some qualities in which followers of Jesus must be proficient. During the month of November we’ll be looking at that very thing – helpful qualities for introducing people to Jesus Christ. Luckily, we have some great role models from the early Church who are going to help demonstrate these qualities!

In This Series

1 AwarenessNovember 6  |  Rev. Chandler Ragland

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2 AwarenessNovember 6  |  Rev. Tom Connolly

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3 Knowledge and CompetenceNovember 13  |  Dr. Steven Bell

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4 Knowledge and CompetenceNovember 13  |  Rev. Chandler Ragland

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5 EmpathyNovember 20  |  Dr. Steven Bell

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6 EmpathyNovember 20  |  Rev. Chandler Ragland

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