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How Is It With Your Soul?

How Is It With Your Soul?

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How Is It With Your Soul?February 14, 2018

The Methodist movement was launched by a small group of college students. They called themselves the Holy Club. They approached spirituality and life with such structure and poise that people at Oxford started calling them “Methodists” (which was meant to be a derogative label). There was such a method to their madness, and they stuck to their methodology. This revolved around asking themselves twenty-one questions. These questions were structured to make sure that they were pursuing holiness in their everyday lives. This Lenten season, we want to get back to our roots. We want to explore some of those questions that John Wesley and the gang used to ask themselves on a daily basis. This all revolves around one major question: How is it with your soul? When our souls are in tune with the heart of God, we are striving toward Christian perfection. This is the umbrella that covers every aspect of life – from our relationship with God, the way we view ourselves, and the way we interact with the people around us. So, this Lenten season, join us. As we follow Christ to the cross, we hope that we can examine ourselves. We will do this by asking ourselves questions ranging from, “Do I grumble or complain too much?”, to, “Is Christ Real to Me?”, and so many more in between. This is our chance to examine our lives in the exact way that got our movement started in the first place. Date: Scripture: Sermon: Special Day:_________ February 14th Matthew 6:1-6;16-18 Am I a Hypocrite? Ash Wednesday February 18th Luke 22:31-34 Am I Honest? Children’s Sunday 8:30 Regular Service 10:50 Combined Sanctuary Service February25th Mark 8:31-38 Did the Bible Live In Me Today? March 4th Matthew 21:12-13 Am I Enjoying Prayer? Food Pantry Sunday March 11th Luke 3:1-9:15-18 When was I shared My Faith? Daylight Savings March 18th Numbers 12:1-10 Do I Grumble or Complain Constantly? March 25th John 12:12-19 Is There Anyone Whom I …? Palm Sunday March 29th John 13:1-17 Do I Have an Uneasy Conscience? Maundy Thursday March 30th Seven Last Words* Am I Defeated? Good Friday April 1st John 20:19-20; 24-29 Is Christ Real to Me? Easter Sunday

In This Series

1 Am I a Hypocrite? February 14  |  Dr. Steven Bell

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2 Am I a Hypocrite? February 14  |  Dr. Steven Bell

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3 Am I Honest?February 18  |  Dr. Steven Bell

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4 Did the Bible Live In Me Today?February 25  |  Rev. Zach Stiefel

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5 Did the Bible Live In Me Today?February 25  |  Dr. Steven Bell

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6 Am I Enjoying Prayer?March 4  |  Dr. Steven Bell

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